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Second-hand top quality boutique.


"Comenuovo" is the second-hand top quality boutique, it’s the place where the most fashionable dreams come true. The project arises in a long time textile tradition family, focused on the evolutions of trends and sensible to the styles that marked the history of fashion. In this exciting and prolific environment, Alberto Carminati has an idea which, in fashion, turns out to be successful : opening elegant and trendy ladies’ wardrobes, accessing as a source of proposals offering their clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to any woman who loves to personalize her style with high class selections. So, in 2010 Alberto launches this business that founds its logical extension in the web : to reach worldwide "fashion victims" linked by the aspiration of living fashion with glamour. Immediately "Comenuovo" collects the consideration of both national and international loyal clientele, looking for the quality of all the designers that made and make the history of fashion. Accurate selection of perfect and authentic items with a special lived, ready to be worn by elegant, original and unique people like nowadays women are. "Comenuovo" is synonym of seriousness, reliability, accessible luxury and exclusive saving ! Price ranges starting from the most reasonable to the top of category, in order not to exclude any women and in order to offer to everyone the opportunity to materialize his own whishes. Sign up for receiving newsletter, select your favourite designers, you will receive communication when something new and exclusive is put up for sale


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